I want to SERVE...

Connect Team

On Sunday mornings serve the parking, greeting, usher, or host teams. From holding doors, to assisting with parking, to answering questions, this important ministry serves as the friendly faces of our family.


Commitment Level: One Sunday a month.

Special Event Team

Serve at our special events in the community to assist as greeters, hosts, and setup team.


Commitment Level: As needed during the day of the special event.

Setup Team

Help to transform the building to fit the needs of our various events. From setting up tables and chairs, relocating furniture around the building, moving chairs in the Worship Center, come serve on the setup team.


Commitment Level: As needed.

Maintenence Team

Perform routine maintence for church facilities.  Also perform basic facility repairs in a timely manner, or facilitate a paid crew to accomplish the project.


Commitment Level: High commitment due to the special nature of needs.

Sunday Friends Team

Serve as a weekly buddy to help include all children into the Children's Ministry.


Commitment Level: One Sunday a month or could serve as a substitute.

Media Team

Serve behind the scenes with the sound, lights, video, and more! No experience necessary, training will be provided.


Commitment Level: One Sunday a month. Possibly more or less depending on number of volunteers.

Worship Team

The worship ministry is looking for musicians and vocalist. All are subject to an audition and should have the availibility for rehearsals.


Commitment Level: Multiple Sundays a month.

Church Online Team

Come serve as a chat host, greeter, connector, online group leader, prayer team, and more through our Facebook Live feed.  Other areas of interest would be maintaining and updating church website.


Commitment Level: One Sunday a month,

Guest Experience Team

Prepare the Worship Center before service to make sure all resources are stocked and available.  Greet guests before and after service answering any questions a guest might have about the church.  Also, provide baked goods to distribute at guest houses as a welcome gift.


Commitment Level: One Sunday. a month.

Photography Team

Serve as a photographer to capture important moments and milestones in the life of our church.  Whether you are a hobbyist or professional with the camera, if you have a passion for photography, we need you on this team!


Commitment Level: As needed.

Fellowship Meal Team

Volunteers will arrive early to special events to help in the kitchen area with preparation, serving, and clean-up.


Commitment Level: Once a month + special circumstances

Prayer Team

Pray for church prayer requests.  Arrive early before the Sunday morning worship gathering for prayer, and pray with others during the worship response time.


Commitment Level: One Sunday a month.

Potential Lifegroup Leader

Potential leaders will be partnered with an existing Lifegroup leader for training, and to determine the potential leader's ability.


Commitment Level: Weekly

Outreach Team

Volunteers will help prepare outreach events from beginning to end.  Brainstorm creative ideas to reach the community.


Commitment Level: As needed + quarterly meetings.

DiscipleMe Team

Mature believers who desire to invest into other believers for the sake of growing individuals spiritually.


Commitment Level: High level of commitment as individuals seek to be discipled.

Children's Ministry

Volunteers will serve the nursery, toddler, or elementary age group under the supervision of the Children's Minister.


Commitment Level: Children's Minister discretion.

Care Team

Volunteers will provide care for church families in need during special circumstances.  This could include meals, visitations, and encouraging notes.


Commitment Level: This is ongoing ministry.

Waiting in Hope

Infertility impacts many couples and is often a lonely journey. We would like to offer support and hope in this season of life. 


Commitment Level: High level of commitment.

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