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Live By Faith--A Study of Romans 1-5:11

We learn that God calls his people to live by faith in Jesus Christ, but we can’t on our own. We are introduced to the truth that humanity is unrighteous because of sin, and God is a righteous God with a righteous judgement. Therefore, in order for us to become righteous we must place our faith in Jesus Christ.

#First Christmas

Imagine if the individuals who were part of the first Christmas had social media accounts. What would they say in 144 characters? What would their pictures show? Check out this Christmas series and celebrate what would have been a trending topic from the people who were there.

Grab a Corner

It takes everyone in the church to fulfill the purpose of the church. Join us on Sunday mornings as we explore God's Word to learn how He has given us special gifts, a desire and passion, and unique abilities and experiences to serve and build His church.